organic & crafted in oakland

Fresh Moon Botanical Alchemy was born from a desire to share my herbal potions and creations with you.  These medicines are created with the intention of encouraging you to reclaim your body and health by connecting with the wisdom of the plants, the planets and the Earth.  They are created under a waxing moon with attention to the cosmic activity of the time.  In the midst of a Global pandemic, we are faced with a fabricated & illusory concept that must fade: a belief that we are powerless to heal.  We are NOT defenseless to disease.  Our bodies have within them divine and intelligent systems of healing that work synergistically with plant medicines as they have done for thousands of years.  If we can reframe our perception of medicine to one that empowers us - by acknowledging our own innate capacity to heal ourselves and looking to plants  as allies and friends to learn from - we can claim our birthright of abundant, radiant & joyful health.  

- Jennie Hayes, herbal alchemist, holistic bodyworker, astrologer, yogini & artist

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